FSF Camp teaches campers and volunteers the importance of service to their local community and the nation. Campers are engaged in service projects during and after camp. Past projects include school library building, food distribution, supporting the local orphanage, and community beautification projects.


FSF Camp introduces campers to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship – identifying market needs, product development, and marketing. Campers are encouraged to explore opportunities for business after camp and implement what they learned with support of FSF.


The goal of FSF Camp is to produce positive leaders of our community by encouraging Campers to dream without limits and never give up pursuing those dreams. For one intensive week of camp, we teach Campers how to think and behave as leaders, imparting simple tools in this regard. FSF Camp reinforces our belief that every Camper is a prince or princess deserving of greatest honor, and having responsibility for their personal and community development.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts – stage, art, music – are a big component of FSF Camp. Volunteer teachers work with Campers to produce numerous artistic presentations that are showcased on the last day of camp. The entire community is invited to enjoy the Campers’ work typically in a stage Production. Campers are encouraged to continue development of their pieces after camp.